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Whenever a Child Is Born offers the perfect message for parents as it charmingly tells the story of how all of heaven and earth react to the news that a child is about to be born.

The story comforts parents with the knowledge that their baby is a special gift from heaven to them, and that they will never be alone raising their child, and that their child will never ever be alone in life.

No one journeys alone through life because whenever a child is born, he is given a guardian angel.

“Precious one, so small, so sweet Dancing in on Angel’s feet straight from Heaven’s brightest star… What a Miracle you truly are!”
Author Unknown



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Even though the details of this timeless Christmas story never change, this version is different because it is told by the three wise men and the shepherd boy who followed the great star to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. Who better to tell this story? After all, they were there and know the story very well.

In Once upon a Starry Night, the Kings and the shepherd boy have a tradition of telling this story to the angels in heaven as they prepare for their heavenly Christmas celebration.

Christmas Eve story time in heaven is quite a popular event for the angels, as they sit anxiously awaiting the Kings’ and the shepherd boy’s story.

The story of the very first Christmas!